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Brewer Fitness builds training products for the modern vertical athlete. We specialize in creative climbing & fitness equipment, pioneering training innovation since 1990.

Training Equipment For Vertical Movement

Made in the USA.


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Rotating Walls


Training Stations




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Climbing Panels

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Treadwall® Rotating Walls

The modern Treadwall® lineup offers training options for every athlete to reach their full potential. Customers choose the frame, width, and height which best fits their needs and available space.

Treadwall® Frames:

  • Max frames – Our flagship Treadwall® with the greatest angle range and simplicity of adjustment. Product links: Max6Max4
  • S frames – Our all purpose Treadwall® with the perfect balance between angle range and simplicity of adjustment in a smaller footprint. Product links: S6S4
  • Kore frames – Our overhanging only Treadwall® designed & priced for home owners as the ultimate training tool. Product Links: Kore6Kore4
  • V frames – Our vertical only Treadwall® offering a minimal footprint for smaller spaces. Product links: V6V4


  • Six-Feet Wide – Full size climbing and movement.
  • Four-feet Wide – Compact space and efficient climbing.


  • 10-Foot Wall – Low ceiling option, 10 to 8′ clearance.
  • 11-Foot Wall – Standard height, optimized the majority of users and general fitness.
  • 12-Foot Wall – Largest height for commercial climbing gyms, longer movements, and taller users. 

Boalderboard climbing equipment, Brewer Fitness

Boulderboard ® Training Stations

The Boulderboard® range of freestanding and collapsible training walls provide climbers with a steep training board platform. Choose from 3 board widths, with LED pattern options and angle adjustment standard as well as an optional hangboard attachment

Boulderboard® Frame Widths:

  • Boulderboard8– 8 Feet Wide- Our largest freestanding and collapsible training wall. Product link: Boulderboard8
  • Boulderboard6 – 6 Feet Wide- Our mid size free standing and collapsible trainig wall. Product link: Boulderboard6
  • Boulderboard4 – 4 Feet Wide- Our most compact freestanding and collapsibe training wall. Product link: Boulderboard4

LED Hole Pattern:

  • Boulderboard8 – LED patterns for Kilter and Tension board.
  • Boulderboard6– LED pattern for Tension board.

Adjustable Angle:

bb angels

Hangboard Attachement:

  • Hangboard Attachment- Adjustable attachment allows climbers to easily place and remove most hangboards from their training wall. Product link: Hangboard 

Laddermill rotating climbin equipment, Brewer Fitness

Laddermill ® Ascender

The Laddermill® self powered rotating ascender is the premier ladder climbing fitness system for vertical movement. Pro-Package shopping for ease of ordering with custom frame colors available.. 

Laddermill® Ascender:

  • The Laddermill Pro Package- One stop shop ordering with digital workout display and floor pad. Product link: Laddermill

Custom Frame Color:

  • A custom Laddermill color allows your equipment to coordinate with organization/brand colors. Contact us here for details. 

Other Products

Brewer Fitness also offers Ledgewall® Climbing Panels for creating creative climbings spaces as well as Portable Wall options which include the Treadwall® Trailer and Portable Boulder. 

Ledgewall® Climbing Panels:

Portable Walls:

  • S6 Trailer Package- Our full size Treadwall® S6 in a trailer package. Product link: Portable S6
  • S4 Trailer Package- Our compact Treadwall® S4 in a portable trailer package. Product link: Portable S4
  • Portable Boulder- Small freestanding bouldering structure. Product link: Portable Boulder

Climbing Accessories

Brewer Fitness Training Holds - Set of 45

Training Holds

Ladderline™ Hold Set


Distance and Time Display (Treadwall/Laddermill)

Digital Display

Floor Mats


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