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Brewer Fitness builds training products for the vertically minded and those with an adventurous spin. We specialize in a mix of creative fitness and climbing equipment, pioneering training innovation since 1990.

A full range of options for serious vertical movement and training. All products except the Laddermill are available in Base (you add holds, display and mats as needed) and Pro Packages (complete ready to use)

Treadwall, commercial climbing walls, home climbing walls, Indoor climbing, Fitness climbing, Training for climbing

Rotating Walls

Laddermill, commercial climbing, home climbing gyms, Fitness climbing


Boulderboard, Indoor climbing, home climbing gyms, commercial climbing walls, Fitness climbing, Training to climb

Training Stations


Ledgewall, commercial climbing walls, home fitness climbing wall, Training for climbing, Vertical fitness

Climbing Panels

Portable, towable, climb station, Functional climbing, Climbing walls, Rotating climbing walls


Treadwall® Rotating Walls

The re-designed Treadwall FT lineup offers unmatched choices for all facilities and homes. The upgraded functionality gives owners exactly what they need, in the space they have, with the look they want. There are three options (frame, width and height) that are combined to meet any need, with Base and Pro Packages.


Max frames – Maximum frame with swing adjustment angle range of +10 to -35 degrees required for climbing-focused training and more intense workouts. Commercial warranty.

S frames – Standard frame with swing adjustment angle range of +10 to -15 degrees offering minimal floor space with great training angles for all-around fitness. Commercial warranty.

V frames – Vertical-only frame for the absolute minimum footprint, locates against a wall. Commercial warranty.

Kore frames – Residential frame with hand crank angle adjustment for climbers with overhanging angles from -5 to -35 degrees. Residential warranty.


Six Feet wide – Full width climbing.
Four feet wide – Space efficient climbing.


10-foot wall – Option for low ceilings, fitting under 10 foot.
11-foot wall – Standard height, optimized for general fitness.
12-foot wall – Largest wall for climbing focus and big movements. 


Laddermill® Ascenders

Self powered rotating ladders with intuitive movement, adjustable angles and speeds. These are a true open way of climbing for anyone, elite to beginner, featuring functional natural movement without gimmicks or complicated maintenance. Offered in a single Pro Package ready to use.


Laddermill LM-1

Boulderboard® Training Stations

Small, portable training walls used in homes, apartments and small fitness areas. The welded steel frames set up in minutes forming compact climbing areas topped by pull-up bars. These are the ultimate in upper body climbing workouts offered in two widths with Base or Pro Packages.



Ledgewall Climbing Panels

All-wood panels carved with unique rock-like texture, cost effective pricing and fast installation. Suitable for traversing walls, bouldering courts, homes and small top-roping walls. Two mounting options with Base and Pro Packages.



Portable Climbing

Some of the most compact portable climbing systems in the world emphasizing movement and activity without the logistics of larger walls. All do double-duty as standalone climbing options when not on the road, useful year-round. Trailer mounted and stationary options with Base or Pro Packages.


Portable Treadwall S4
Portable Treadwall S6
Portable Ledgewall