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Customers worldwide have successfully employed our equipment for over 25 years. Either for pure recreation or professional training, the workouts will challenge beginners to elite athletes. Vertical movement is universally appreciated as critical to cutting-edge training. No matter what your needs are, the highly functional movement supports almost any sports or fitness goal.

The Treadwall was born in the climbing community. Designed in 1990 for endurance training for multi-pitch climbs, it has been the world leader in allowing climbers to build the endurance and power necessary for successful ascents and projects. Used by many of the elite climbers in the world as well as new beginners, it allows highly effective training at any level in gyms and homes worldwide.

The versatility and impact of vertical movement gives it a place in every fitness gym. It is full body, non-impacting movement that offers a highly effective and fun way to gain strength and aerobic endurance without repetitive exercise. Our equipment has set apart 1000’s of gyms wordwide from small studios to the largest multi-purpose clubs, giving them an easy path to bring vertical movement to their members.

Whether you are a climber or athlete looking for an effective full-body workout, the speed and effectiveness of vertical movement has provided 100’s of homeowners worldwide with valued options. In the climbing community, they are the ultimate home wall system. For home fitness and cross training, the quick benefits of training vertically combined with our space efficient designs has been a fantastic combination.

Running a youth fitness program can be a challenge without the right equipment. Training should be fun to promote focus and motivation, the equipment has to be safe and easily adjustable, and staffing should be minimal with clear programming options. Our equipment has met these issues for years in schools, camps, youth fitness and climbing programs. We have a wide range of size and cost choices from simple panels to complex portable rotating walls to suit any program.

Vertical movement is a highly effective tool for rehab and therapy with the right equipment. Climbing encourages client-based decisions and movement choices while building strength and confidence. Our equipment safely allows this to happen keeping clients next to the ground, and within control of therapists as needed. For both pediatric and adult environments, these are some of the most effective and unique tools available.

An old saying around here is ìTrain Like You Climb, Climb Like You Trainî and nowhere is that adage more applicable than in the fields of fire and rescue. Our Laddermill Ascenders and Treadwalls provide the most tangible training options for Firefighters and first responders whoís life, and the lives of others depend upon their ability to quickly and safely navigate vertical environments. Partnering with our friends at FireSled Fitness we provide the best Fire training equipment available in the world.

Portable walls are a great way to reach to new customers and bring the excitement of climbing to any location. We offer some of the best compact portable climbing options in the world. Our options range from trailer packages to small bouldering walls. Our trailers with rotating walls allow freestanding or trailer mounted use with unmatched flexibility. From rental companies, camps to dedicated promotional road campaigns, we have provided equipment that has made our customer’s marketing an exciting and successful project.