The Laddermill ships on one pallet via vanline service and will include inside delivery provided there are no obstructions and the final location is at ground level. International ocean shipments are fully crated in one single crate. The pallet can easily be broken down outside of the install site and the individual parts can b carried inside. The heaviest individual part is about 350 pounds and can be safely moved with furniture dollies or hand carried by 4 to 5 people. Only basic tools are needed to unpack the pallets. All parts can fit through standard doors and can be carried up and down straight flights of stairs. Please contact us with questions about specific delivery locations and situations.

Installation of a Laddermill takes 3 people 2 to 3 hours and requires some experience with basic hand tools. Most of our customers install their Laddermills themselves but we can recommend service technicians around the country. Every Laddermill ships with a detailed and easy to follow instruction manual.

You will need the following tools:


1 - 9/16 open end wrench

1 – ¾ open end wrench

1 – 9/16 socket

1 – ¾ socket

1 – socket wrench 

1 – crescent or universal wrench


– Set of screwdrivers



1 – vice grip

1 – needle nose pliers

1 – flat pliers (good for working with master links on chains)