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Make the Most of Your Workout: Refuel and Recover


After an intense cardio/strength workout session, your body needs fuel to recover! It’s important to understand which foods will actually help your body rebuild muscle and refuel after you exercise.


Protein is a crucial part of post-workout muscle recovery. Protein is the building block of muscle, and when your muscles are craving fuel after a grueling workout, adding protein can significantly help build up more muscle mass.  However, protein is hardly the only fuel for fitness junkies.


Even though you might think “fitness” and “carbs” are enemies, your body needs carbohydrates immediately after a workout to replenish the energy that you just burned. Carbs will boost insulin production, which will kickstart the muscle rebuilding process and optimize the period of time right after your workout. The less processed the carbs are, the better - choose healthier carb options like berries and whole-wheat pasta! 

Last but definitely not least, your body needs water! After all the sweating you’ve done, you need fluids, particularly those with electrolytes. Drinking lots of water has countless health benefits - it can even help with weight loss - but your cells need water to function, especially after all the water they lose when you work out. 


Fitness doesn’t end when your workout does. Give your body one of the best workouts it can get with our Brewer equipment and mke the most of it by refueling the right way!



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