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Vertical Movement


Author: Jessica Jenkins


The idea behind Vertical Movement is to bring out a motion that we are familiar with as children, climbing. We attempt to climb out of our cribs, up our parents leg, on playground sets and even up trees. These upward motions, involving the use of our whole body, are ingrained in us at a young age and all we can do is let it emerge. In addition, climbing is on the rise and is becoming a more and more popular activity for many reasons including: a shift in opinion of the best body, adventurous motives and the populations growing awareness of health and fitness.



PHOTO BY: Matthew Stensland


 Body Type:

 Body type and allure are a big part of the world we live in today. Everyone wants to be considered “hot” and with a pop in fitness over the past decade lean muscular bodies are all the rage. Look at one of the most watched shows, American Ninja Warrior, it’s spreading like wildfire. The result of climbers dominating the obstacle course is a surge in indoor rock climbing, so athletes can gain an edge on their competition.



Why and what can Vertical Movement do for you? Well, imagine for a second what the ideal climber body is. Can you think of it? If not, let me paint a picture for you. Let’s take a woman for example – A “girl next door type face,” long brown hair, short in stature, but when you look down she doesn’t have your model skinny body type. The back/scapular muscles are highly defined, showing deep shadowy cuts in the light and creating a beautiful canvas representing strength and poise. The shoulders bubbled out slightly with a distinct cut diagonally across to the triceps showing extreme use, lean musculature and dedication. “Lats” that turn into wings as she raises her arms above her head in triumph. Then, you follow your eyes to the abdomen not only is it flat, but her core reveals the small stabilizer muscles on her sides by the ribs. Climbing involves turning and manipulating the body in many directions promoting the small muscles to activate and protect the spine. Legs are small, but strong with hamstrings that create a nice proportion with the quads from all the hiking involved when adventuring in nature. Now can you see it? I hope so, she is beautiful and strong, the perfect combination. Vertical Movement can help you progress towards the body you have always wanted.




Physical Fitness and Overall Health


Physique isn’t the only key to being confident, staying healthy and feeling younger. Your overall physical fitness and health may even be more important than how you look. Surprise! Keeping up your cardiovascular health, bone, muscle and mental strength are all equally as valuable. Vertical movement is a category of fitness that involves the use of the whole body and mind. When you try it out, you will see that your heart rate rises quickly and you will feel your muscles activate in a short period of time. You may feel the work load in as little as 30 seconds depending on your fitness level and the angle/speed you are using Brewer Fitness’ equipment. If you’re just looking to get in a quick workout on a lunch break, do not have time or simply do not want to be in the gym long Vertical Movement may be exactly what you need to feel better emotionally and physically.




Mental Balance


Everyone wants to feel young even as we all grow older - very second of everyday. One way to enhance your quality of life is to continue to work-out the brain by solving puzzles, exercising and keeping up creative hobbies.


Vertical Movement (VM) does not only create lean musculature it promotes mental balance along with the physical strength. Climbing requires you to problem solve and make quick decisions while the body is in motion. This stimulates the brain cells, promotes a quick motor response and increases muscle fiber recruitment. Everything going on during this movement may be stressful at first, but once the body and mind adapt to these factors Vertical Movement can put you in a meditative state. It leaves the mind refreshed, focused and simultaneously gives the user a sense of exhilaration. Due to the interplay of many components climbers tend to develop a heightened sense of body awareness and confidence during their everyday lives.






Treadmills, People love them. “Why” is the question?




If you walk into any fitness club or gym you will find at least one of these in the middle of    the room, if not a whole row. On the belts, you are likely to see people with ear buds in, all sweaty and possibly a disgruntled look on their face. I am not knocking the treadmill, but obviously, there are drawbacks. If you are looking to pour sweat and train cardiovascular endurance alone this may be a great fit for you. However, sometimes people just need a break from their repetitive nature and Vertical Movement is an awesome alternative or add-on to any fitness routine. Any variation in your weekly workout schedule not only provides a much-needed uplift in your energy level, but watch out it could even put a SMILE on your face. Give VM a try; I have found that when you perform a non-monotonous activity, like Vertical Movement, such as: taking a hike in nature or dancing you hardly even notice you’re getting a killer workout.


Bring joy and variation back into your gym sessions with a unique, up and coming category of fitness, which turns climbing into a mainstream fitness tool. It is a new exciting way to get a full-body, cardio and core workout all in one.





If you haven’t tried a Treadwall® or Laddermill® by Brewer Fitness then find one at your local fitness facility. If there isn’t a piece there yet, maybe drop a suggestion by the manager and have them check out Vertical Movement equipment at www.brewerfitness.com.



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