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Learn a little bit about who we are and what vertical movement is


So, what is a full-body workout routine? A full body workout simultaneously stimulates all the muscles in the body. Whether you are toning your abs or arms, this type of exercise is meant to engage, strengthen, and balance the entire body. Unlike organized routines that focus on building specific muscles or individual muscles, a full-body workout offers a simple and timesaving exercise session that covers you head-to-toe and requires only three hours of commitment per week. For best results, we suggest a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday routine so that rest days are incorporated into your week. Whether you’re new to the gym or a competitive athlete, there’s no doubting that a full-body workout plan will help you, physically and mentally.

Cardio Warm Up:

Now that we’re ready to go, you want to loosen up with a 10-minute warm-up. Running, biking or any form of cardio are all great ways to get your heart and muscles pumping and ready to go.

Circuit Training:

You are now warmed up and ready to go. Take a quick breather because circuit training starts and doesn’t stop...NOW! While there are many Circuit training exercises to choose from, you are going to want to pick three that you will rotate with 10 reps for each. Our recommendation is to incorporate a lower-body, upper-body, and core set to your circuit.

Step 1: Upper Body

Some of your best friends in this rotation will include push-ups, bench dips, back extensions, medicine ball chest pass, bench press, and incline press ups. Find three of each and explode into your upper body training. These will tone your chest, back, and arms.

Step 2: Lower Body

Moving along, take a quick drink of water and continue your momentum. Here you won’t be forgetting leg day by incorporating sets of squat jumps, compass jumps, astride jumps, step ups, shuttle runs, hopping shuttles, or barbell squats.

Step 3: Core

Two down and one to go! The finish line is in sight and your last hurdle is simple, the lower and upper abdomen. Take a minute to rest and catch your breath. If you’re new to a full-body routine, here’s where you set your goals. Set a 5-minute timer for one set of sit-ups and a second 5-minute timer for one set of stomach crunches. Without exerting yourself too much, work to complete 100 reps of each exercise in your 5-minute window. It’s not about reaching your goal in one day, it’s all about setting goals and working for them.

Times Up:

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’re now on your way to a new path and plan that fits your schedule, keeps you on your toes and sets you up for reaching your physical goals!

Bonus Workout:

Haven’t had enough? Good, because we’ve got one more workout for you! Introducing vertical movement, an exercise that so simple for getting in shape, training for games, or the mental benefits, you won’t believe the results.

Our company, Brewer Fitness, has taken the natural human need for upward momentum and transferred it into equipment that delivers both physical and mental benefits. Like Yoga, Vertical Movement helps build lean muscle. You learn to control your center of gravity and work on your overall body awareness. And, it also improves the function of the equilibrium receptors in your body.

Brewer is appointing you to take two to three-minute commitment towards our 100 ft Laddermill challenge. The Brewer Laddermill offers the simplicity of ladder climbing merged with advanced features that allow you to adjust the angle from an easy incline to an intense overhanging angle.

Both experienced climbers and new users alike will benefit from the core strength and balance gained from Laddermill training.  Calisthenics and alternative exercise are becoming more widely popular due to their enjoyable nature and effectiveness. The Laddermill fits perfectly into these types of workouts allowing long cardio burns at an incline and intense strength workouts on the steeper terrain that the built-in auto-stop feature allows you to climb safely at any speed without any safety equipment or harnesses.

So if you’re up for the 100 ft challenge, just remember, today you conquer your goals, tomorrow your reach the summit!

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